Snake Removal

  • 24/7 Snake Removal & Relocation
  • Reptile Identification
  • Humane Snake Trapping
‘Dancing’ with an Eastern brown snake.
Cutting a large eastern brown snake out of bird netting.
Gavin with a red-bellied black snake from a property in NSW.
Checking over an eastern brown snake prior to release in a reserve.

Property Inspections

  • Residential, Business, and Government Property Inspections
  • Snake Risk Assessment Review
  • Advice & strategies to help decrease snake activity on property
A red-bellied black snake shed skin left in a property weeping hole.
An example of waste piles in a yard that is perfect for snake habitation.
Eastern brown snake living not more than 2 metres from a property entrance.

Snake Education

  • Business Toolbox Talks (*featuring reptiles)
  • Research Education Seminars (*featuring reptiles)
  • Customised Snake Awareness & Safety Training for businesses and public service staff (*featuring reptiles)
  • Customised Snake Awareness & Safety Training for children and young people (*featuring reptiles and ACT Government Working with Vulnerable People Licensed)
  • Confronting Ophidiophobia and addressing fear of snakes and other reptiles
A title slide from one of our snake education talks.
Gavin from ACT Snake Removals addressing an audience at the National Arboretum Canberra
Our core service: public education and safety training.

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