Bagging a brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis).

We provide a friendly, responsive and effective snake catching service for people living in Canberra ACT and in the bordering NSW region. Our government licensed and insured staff respond to calls from members of the public who require venomous snakes to be safely captured and relocated to more appropriate habitats. We also offer snake hazard inspections to advise on ways of reducing snake habitation and encounters on premises.

  • 24/7 Snake Removal
  • Reptile Identification
  • Property Inspections / Hazard Assessments
  • Snake Safety Training and Awareness Talks
Taking an injured brown snake to vet for treatment.

The ultimate goal of ACT Snake Removals is to help people live more harmoniously and respectfully with snakes and other reptiles. We do this by engaging in different forms of public education, and by advocating for the amazing scaly creatures we share our planet with! We believe that snakes (even the venomous ones!) are misunderstood animals for a range of historical and cultural reasons. To help with this objective, we are presently conducting academic research which explores (a) social attitudes towards snakes and how snake encounters are experienced, and (b) the movement ecology of local venomous snake species. This is to inform the education programs and snake awareness and safety training that we offer.

The next generation of reptile advocates!
With an eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis).

We are committed to conserving our local reptile fauna, and to better connecting the community to the rich species diversity we have living in and around the bush capital.

Part of this familiarisation process involves us taking friendly reptiles (and our enthusiasm!) to the people at school, workplaces and public events, but it also involves us doing various forms of media work. These activities enable us to showcase our local herpetofauna, detail its rich evolutionary trajectory and explain the significant ecological role it plays in the ecosystem.

We see our role less as snake catchers and more as snake advocates!


Gavin Smith


Canberra, ACT

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